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The Hip Hammock

The best, softest, simplest walking aid ever! Easy to put on (takes 5 seconds) is super comfortable for both the dog and the person walking the dog. No digging, no chaffing, no interference with your dog’s natural movements. Natural support organically developed and is machine washable.

But most important the Hip Hammock gives the support needed to provide your dog the security that he/she will not collapse. Enables him/her to manoeuvre anywhere. Your pooch can pooh and pee freely. It has no snaps, buckles or Velcro that can catch your dog’s fur or pinch their skin while it gently molds to be a perfect fit. Hip Dysplasia, Spinal Nerve Damage, post surgery…the Hip Hammock can help!


The Barrel Booster

Loose and easy, soft and secure, cups the barrel of your dogs chest so he/she can relax and be supported. No leash required when using the Barrel Booster.

Sometimes your dog doesn’t have the power to maintain a standing position on their own. This can be due to myriad of reasons. Lameness/weakness/pulled muscles in a front leg(s) or paw(s), injury, post surgical rehabilitation, dizziness due to medication, chemotherapy or inner ear infection, genetic malformation, old age generalized weakness ...

If your dog needs anywhere from a little helping hand to firm support, the Barrel Booster can help. As in the Hip Hammock the Barrel Booster was made with a loving four legged member of the family in mind. It slips on in seconds, secures far away from your pets body and fur with a velcro strip, will stay on when you leave go of the handle, never cuts into your dogs body or your hands. And is washable!


"The Hip Hammock and the Barrel Booster are ergonomically designed products that have been organically developed through necessity. We decided, at the very outset, to keep our products as green as possible by using the smallest footprint. This is why all phases, from our fabric quilters to our cutters, production and shipping, are done on the island of Montreal; locally made to North American standards."

Last updated: November 20th, 2012